In the damaging wake of Ponzi schemes and corporate greed, consumers are increasingly mistrustful of business and demanding ethical conduct from their brands. Out with Generation Greed and in with Generation Generosity! The values and forces driving Generation Generosity (a.k.a. Generation-G or Gen-G) have a huge impact on a business’s marketing strategy. No worries - there are myriad ways for a business to meet its Gen-G commitments while accomplishing its very real and crucial marketing objectives within budget. The Cure-Aiders™ (LKA’s newest division) customizes marketing programs with a social twist to help businesses build and fulfill their corporate social responsibility (CSR) portfolios and commitments.

Presenting The Cure-Aiders™ (TCA) own Gen-G launch offer…

We’ll kick-start or elevate your CSR marketing, by generating a Gen-G Marketing Plan for your business comprised of 3 inter-related components:

       • TCA will research, identify and forge a strategic alliance for your business with a non-profit or charity that resonates with your
      core market

       • TCA will then design the concept for an effective Gen-G Initiative – i.e., a social marketing initiative that will raise the goodwill
      of your brand

       • TCA will produce a media release announcing the “story” of your business’s particular Gen-G Initiative (which your business
      can then use and distribute to gain favourable media and consumer attention).

To mark the launch of TCA, obtain a fantastic Gen-G Marketing Plan for the low introductory price of $500 CAD (this normally costs $1,000+ CAD). This special offer does not end here. If you then engage TCA to implement the Gen-G Marketing Initiative we recommend (based on the competitive implementation fee quoted in our Plan), we’ll credit $100 CAD toward our implementation fee.

It has never been so easy and timely to commence a socially responsible marketing campaign. Your customer satisfaction rate will measurably grow. Offer valid in English and to December 31, 2010. Sales tax applies. Contact

How Our Referral Program Works:

Anyone who refers us a new client shall receive a $1,000 thank-you fee.

Conditions: (1) The proposed new client is not a previous client of LKA; (2) the new client must indicate you as his/her/its referral person when the new client first contacts us; (3) we verify that you are the referral person; (4) the referral person (you) are not related to the new client (such as a spouse, parent, child, sibling, director or shareholder or manager or key person of the new client); (5) we must agree to offer the new client our Client Contract; (6) the retail value of our services (excluding sales taxes and third party expenses) of our Client Contract is at least $10,000.00; (7) the new client signs our Client Contract; and (8) we receive payment from the new client of at least $10,000.00 (before taxes).

You will receive your thank-you fee of $1,000 following fulfillment of the Conditions.

Thank you for your referral!