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Why LKC?
Why should you choose us? It's simple, LKC was created as a one-stop shop for all the professional services a growing company needs.

We allow our clients to spend their time working "ON" their business and not "IN" it. We free up your time so you can generate revenue while we do the work.

As the President of Zyng Noodlery Lori spend a great deal of time managing professionals. That is, working with webmasters, graphic artists, copywriters and printers for their branding needs, outside lawyers for some of their legal needs, operations manual writers and recipe creators, as well as a host of other service providers. All this managing of professionals took precious time away from her core role: selling franchises. Apart from that, managing a group of professionals is a lot like the children's game of broken telephone. Each one must hear the same message and translate that message through their trade into a solution that will mesh with those of other providers. The time it takes to get them all on track really eats into revenue producing time and so owners can only work IN and not ON their businesses.

So when Zyng was sold Lori decided to create a one-stop shop for clients where they can get every single professional service they need under one roof- clients do not need to go anywhere else, ever, for any service. This results in the business owner being able to devote almost all of their time ON their business as there are no professionals to manage, no broken telephone to play.

Our clients deal with one contact from our office and we take care of everything else. Clients also see a significant reduction in fees and costs as there are no double charges for time or materials, and we can offer our clients discounts on many products and services they cannot get elsewhere. The client is able to generate new revenue with all the free time they now have. At the end the client gets a superior and comprehensive product as one person has been following the project all through the process, and, if there are glitches, the client never knows or has to deal with the stress of it, we even worry for you!

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